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 We're honored to be listed as a top 100 coworking space in the US!  After 4 years of coworking with amazing people, we're proud to have nearly 80 members who call 804RVA their home away from home.  We are more than a workspace, we are a family of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers.  On any given day, you can find a member reaching out to someone else in the community for feedback, support, or to hire someone for a contract or full time position.  The people in our community are what have helped us grow to the point that we have been recognized as a top coworking space.  Here's to many more amazing years of coworking! 

If you want to check out our workspace, drop in for a free day!
<![CDATA[Congratulations to Corgibytes!]]>Fri, 17 Apr 2015 00:23:43 GMThttp://www.804rva.com/blog/congratulations-to-corgibytesCongratulations to #804rvawolfpack members Andrea Goulet and Tony Landreth (and unborn baby, Ada) of Corgibytes for being a RichTech finalist.  They were featured at the #RichTechGala this evening (RichTech is also a member of 804RVA).  We love our members!
<![CDATA[You Need to Meet: Michael Bacon]]>Tue, 17 Mar 2015 08:19:26 GMThttp://www.804rva.com/blog/you-need-to-meet-michael-baconPicture
Describe more in depth what you work on while at 804RVA.

I have two lines of work currently -- I'm a software developer and sysadmin at Sea Island Software, a small company that provides live hurricane data maps and visualizations to emergency managers working for local governments in tropical storm-prone areas. Currently, I'm re-writing the central data feed code to make it more flexible and to add some GIS features to it.

At the same time, I still provide some consulting services through my personal company, Sorrel Tree, which mostly has been in system administration and devops. My focus there is mostly helping small companies work towards getting their systems (primarily Linux) running in a more sane and manageable way. I've also worked on projects involving code analysis, geoinformatics, and some plain old desktop tech support. I've particularly enjoy working for fellow 804RVA members Richmond Analytics.

So, most of the time when I'm at 804, I either have my head in Python code or I'm bashing away on a Terminal window.

How did you find out about 804RVA, or who introduced you?

Google. I wanted a coworking space in Richmond with a good vibe. Found it!

What challenges you most about your industry or craft?

On of the most simultaneously rewarding and challenging things about the kind of work I do is how much continuous exploration it requires to keep an understanding of how the tools I use work and when to use them. It's rewarding because it means that there's a lot of value in trying out new tools and reading about new ways of doing things, which I really enjoy.

The downside of that is that sometimes I'm on a limited schedule and a budget, and I really need to get a problem solved, but I'll end up spending weeks trying to make one solution work and end up having to throw all of that away and start over. In the long run, I find that time always ends up being worth it, when that experience means that I can solve a major problem in under an hour with some technique I've learned, but it makes it very hard to accurately estimate how long things will take. It's also a blow to my sense of work ethic, productivity, and accomplishment when I spend weeks on a task and have nothing to show for it.

However, given the rate at which technology changes and the complexity inherent in solving complex computing problems, I don't know of any better way to stay current. Seminars, talks, and meetups are good, but nothing beats hands-on tinkering.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Wolfpack?

(As I always note, a lifelong UNC Tar Heels fan cannot in good conscience call himself a member of a "Wolfpack," but that aside...) For both Sorrel Tree and Sea Island Software, I spend a lot of time working by myself trying to solve problems. It is an enormous help to have other developers and Linux users both in person at the coworking space and on the Slack channels to bounce ideas off of and vent frustrations. Beyond that, the general industriousness and atmosphere of productivity always helps an attention deficit-stricken brain like mine stay on task and push through tough projects.

What's one interesting, funny or weird fact no one knows about you?    

A year after I was born, the hospital I was born in closed and was converted to a public, statewide, residential magnet school called the North Carolina School of Science in Mathematics, which I attended and graduated from. I had biology classes on the floor where the maternity ward used to be. Go Unicorns! (Yes, that's actually our mascot.)

<![CDATA[You Need to Meet: Ben Yoo]]>Mon, 09 Mar 2015 08:22:45 GMThttp://www.804rva.com/blog/you-need-to-meet-ben-yooPicture
by: Trevor Dickerson
What is the name of your company, project, or hobby?   

Describe more in depth what you work on while at 804RVA.

I am a wearer of many hats, who may seem utterly confused about what he should be doing more often than not, especially at 804RVA. 

As the founder of Nyoo Co., I work as a freelance Photographer/Videographer and Event Producer, utilizing underground culture to promote the immense talent that our artistic communities have to offer. My projects aim to utilize technology and visual content to promote local artists, and expose them to a larger audience. As a dancer myself, I teach various styles of urban and funk dances such as Breaking, Locking, Waacking, Popping, and House. 

With our newest startup, EXP CULTURE LLC, my team and I are attempting to graduate a whole community of college age dancers and artists into a self-sustainable market. At this early stage in the company, our team is ambitiously hoping to offer services that include events production, content production, fashion apparel, as well as talent management and representation. We believe that a strong community at the foundation of a group of people makes the difference between a passing trend and a healthy market. 

Additional projects that I'm working on at 804RVA include web design, graphic design, and web development, especially because I increasingly feel left out and un-hip midst a room full of web developers. 

I also teach Tae Kwon Do on rare occasions...

How did you find out about 804RVA, or who introduced you?    

Google! ...Seriously.

What challenges you most about your industry or craft?

When entering into a relatively young market demographic, there is no precedence that you can base your business model on. Whereas some industries have remained the same over decades, artists and the communities that form around them are incredibly difficult to win over, especially over a long period of time. The urban dance and music culture seems to be in constant flux, and so far, there hasn't been a clear business model that prove to be successful while maintaining the integrity of the communities that are involved. 

What gets me up in the morning (or at least most mornings) is the challenge of coming up with a business model that is profitable, and at the same time, strengthens the market and culture over time. At the same time, this is what also keeps me up every night. 

With that said, if anybody disagrees with the above statement, please tell me so!

What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Wolfpack?    

What I found at 804RVA from talking to and learning from the members of the Wolfpack is what I had been missing for years. For someone who has just taken the plunge into the world of freelance, startups, and small business all at once, the knowledge and advice that is graciously and freely given is invaluable! I can't thank you guys enough for helping me get to where I am now! 

I can't believe how thoughtful and caring everyone is at 804RVA. I only hope that I can pay it all back... and/or forward!

What's one interesting, funny or weird fact no one knows about you?  
I carry around a metal bat almost everywhere I go because I feel like it helps me think, and also because I found it at a Goodwill for $4. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to come up with a better reason to why I carry around a metal bat with me wherever I go. So, now you know.

Learn more about Ben's work >>

<![CDATA[You Need to Meet: Kelly Vance]]>Tue, 03 Mar 2015 09:24:22 GMThttp://www.804rva.com/blog/you-need-to-meet-kelly-vanceby: Trevor Dickerson Picture
What is the name of your company, project, or hobby?    


Describe more in depth what you work on while at 804RVA.    

I'm the head honcho and lead communications strategist at VANCE, a local PR outfit. 

PR isn't just about getting ink. We marry the art of storytelling with the science of digital strategy, helping brands delight and captivate their audiences, wherever they happen to be. 

I've been in the business for 15 years and haven't had a dull moment yet. 

How did you find out about 804RVA, or who introduced you?    

Trevor Dickerson.

What challenges you most about your industry or craft?

Albert Einstein said it best: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." 

PR people must become fluent in the industries they represent. Even if it's not rocket science, every practitioner faces a learning curve when trying to understand the jargon and dynamics of a given industry. 

I spend a lot of time researching and asking questions, not only in the beginning phase of a project, but throughout the client relationship. It also means I get a lot of "behind-the-scenes" experience, from nuclear power plant tours to backstage antics. 

While research is among the most challenging aspects of my job, it's what I love most about it.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Wolfpack?    

The camaraderie and creativity. After two years at 804RVA, I still get a friendly invitation to Tea Time every morning. I meet some of the smartest, most interesting people here. There is always a discussion about how to improve our city and I love being part of that.

Plus, they make good coffee.

What's one interesting, funny or weird fact no one knows about you?   
I'm a good travel companion. I can make small talk and get directions in 6 languages.

Learn more about Kelly's work >>

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    Sign Up for a free day pass at our popup

<![CDATA[Hour of Code Tips from 804RVA]]>Tue, 10 Dec 2013 18:01:46 GMThttp://www.804rva.com/blog/hour-of-code-tips-from-804rvaby: Scott Ford

Looking to introduce your friends and family to the wonderful world of computing? In the honor of Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week, here are some great resources for students of all ages and skill levels:

Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu) is a great environment for learning to make the computer do things. Fun things, like move a monkey around on the screen. I made a small project to celebrate Computer Science Education Week, and to think the teachers that got me started. (http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/15283467/).

Scratch's drag and drop interface helps create an intimate relationship with the different operations that it provides. It reminds me a lot of playing with Lego.
If you'd like to try typing out commands, then I highly recommend taking a peek at Logo (http://el.media.mit.edu/logo-foundation/logo/turtle.html).

To see Logo in action, visit http://www.calormen.com/jslogo/, click on an example in the sidebar and then click on the "Run" button.

If you'd like to take a stab at making the world around you light up and move, then I suggest taking a peek at littleBits (http://littleBits.cc). These little devices make creating hardware computing projects dead simple. No wiring. No soldering. Just magnets and fun!

Lego Mindstorms
Interesting in trying to mix software and hardware together? Then check out Lego Mindstorms (http://mindstorms.lego.com). Lego Mindstorms centers around a smart Lego brick, that you can program (with Logo!) and make your creations move. There are even some school teams that compete with each other to build little bots that perform specific tasks (http://www.firstlegoleague.org).

So go forth! Have fun! And make your computer and other devices around you do things. It's fun and rewarding.

Scott is a Code Whisperer at Corgibytes (http://corgibytes.com). There he works hard to breath new life into old software projects.
<![CDATA[Wolf Shirt Wednesdays]]>Wed, 25 Sep 2013 20:45:51 GMThttp://www.804rva.com/blog/wolf-shirt-wednesdaysby Andrea Goulet Ford Picture
The wolves are out at 804RVA in celebration of Wolf Shirt Wednesday.

We’ve all had a blast sporting our lupine pride, but we thought we’d let those of you who couldn’t join us in person in on the fun.

A (Very) Brief History of Wolf Shirt Wednesday
In 2008, Brian Govern, a law student at Rutgers University, noticed an advertisement for the “Three Wolf Moon” shirt while he was shopping for textbooks on Amazon.com and posted a parody review:

Pros: Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts women

Cons: Only 3 wolves (could probably use a few more on the 'guns'), cannot see wolves when sitting with arms crossed, wolves would have been better if they glowed in the dark.

Since he posted this original comment, over 2,600 similar reviews have appeared, clearly creating a buzzworthy trend.

The first instance of Wolf Shirt Wednesday we could find comes from Urban Dictionary in 2010:
The one day in the week where mere mortals can wear an alpha garment that symbolizes, you, much like the predator adorned on your chest, are a mysterious lone wolf who knows how to howl at the moon from time to time and are infact born to roam.

Today, the trend continues with proud wolf shirt wearers tweeting and instagramming about their wardrobe choices using the hashtag #wolfshirtwednesday.

Why Celebrate?
Larkin Garbee, 804RVA Chief Imagination Officer, began the tradition in 2012 as a way to get members to know each other. As she explains, “People get to identify with a community and express themselves as individuals. It’s fun. Kind of like Halloween. You know you look silly, but that’s okay because everyone else does too.”

The first 804RVA Wolf Shirt Wednesday took place on September 12th, 2012.

“It was a really memorable event,” says Dan Kanatch, 804RVA member and owner of One Duck Creative. “After work we all went to Hardywood and I knew who was an 804RVA member because of the shirts. It really helped break the ice. In fact, some of the people who I hang out with all the time now were people that I first met on wolf shirt Wednesday.”

Some members even credit their productivity to their wolf shirts. “I never miss a wolf shirt Wednesday,” says Zach Sisisky with Richmond Autism Connection. “It really helps me feel productive and like I’m part of the community. I haven’t been in [the physical space] in weeks, so when I saw there was a wolf shirt Wednesday, I cleared my calendar so I could make it.”

Growing the Wolfpack
As with any trend, a good thing is bound to catch on. This year, 804RVA teamed up with Blanchards Coffee, brewing their special EagleWolf blend for the occasion. And, after work, both organizations agreed to celebrate their wolf shirt wearing by going to nearby Hardywood Brewery.

“Wolves are the 804RVA mascot,” Garbee explained. “It’s a common misconception that self-starters, like wolves, are solitary animals. In fact, they are extremely social, gregarious, and loyal to their pack. I hope other self-starters start wearing wolf shirts as a reminder that even though they’re working on individual projects, there is a vibrant community here to support them.”

Where to Get Your Wolf Shirt
If you’re interested in joining the wolfpack, here are some vendors that you’ll want to check out:

Tony Lendreth of Robophilosopher, LLC told us that he prefers purchasing his shirts from Sevenly because he knows that a portion of the price goes to charity. “Designs are only up for a week,” Lendreth said. “So when you see a wolf shirt on there, you’ll need to decide quickly.”

As for our community, we’ve decided that activities like Wolf Shirt Wednesday are a reflection of why we all enjoy being a member. As M. Scott Ford of Corgibytes, LLC put it, “Wolf shirts are great. But at the end of the day, it’s a way to really get to know someone… and that leads to real business.” Ford attributes more than 75% of his clients to referrals through the 804RVA network and says he can’t wait for the next quirky event that 804RVA dreams up.

<![CDATA[Thank you 804RVA]]>Fri, 16 Aug 2013 19:38:05 GMThttp://www.804rva.com/blog/thank-you-804rvaPicture

I got to know you by interviewing and profiling you for the community blog. Thanks for helping me brush up on my long forgotten journalism skills. By talking and getting to know you I made valuable connections.

I learned from you when you showed me the latest innovations in technology and networking – new apps, programs, and information systems that bring our world together.  Thanks to you, I gained experience and knowledge in fields that I had previously been unfamiliar with.

I had fun with you- whether it was mixing cocktails on the roof after a busy week, eating nachos with Velveeta, or drinking homebrews at Hardywood, you were always down to have a good time. Thank you for making me feel at home.

I learned what not to do: Sorry for that obnoxious email blast listing every member of 804RVA in the sent box. In future, I will separate emails accordingly. I also learned that scheduling interviews with members without a follow-up email (forgetting that people are not waiting in anticipation to meet with me) is a recipe for failure.

A special thanks to Larkin for taking me under your wing and welcoming me into the 804RVA community. Who will accompany you on mid-day hot dog runs and trips to dollar tree? I look forward to popping in on occasion and hopefully seeing the “Urban-Suburban” limo service I helped plan come into fruition.

As I return to school for my junior year at George Mason I won’t soon forget the friends I made and the experience I obtained interning at 804RVA. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer. I can’t wait to see you all again!

Brian Blend
Co-working fellow

<![CDATA[Meet Tommy Nicholas]]>Fri, 16 Aug 2013 14:06:45 GMThttp://www.804rva.com/blog/meet-tommy-nicholasPicture
At 804RVA, we're always looking to get to know one another to find work and social connections.

In this series, we ask some questions of 804RVA coworkers to help you get a better sense of who's who around 804RVA and how to work and engage with them. 

Next up, Tommy Nicholas, a web/mobile app developer

What's a day in the life?
Get up, try to be less afraid and more awesome,  drink a few beers, stare into my dog's beautiful eyes, and go to sleep. Somewhere in there I manufacture some "internetz" and "appz" and meet with cool people.

Favorite food and drink?
Avocado (I put it on everything!) and Guinness because it's lighter than you think and it's delicious. And I love craft beers.

Where can we find you on a random weekend?
I’ll be at Urban Farmhouse during the day and Sticky Rice at some point at night. In between, hopefully I’ll be on an adventure.

How did you begin coworking at 804RVA?
My startup TheCitySwig had an office here in 2011. I usually spend my time at 804RVA networking (it's amazing the extent to which it's helped my business), coding, and drinking.

What are you currently working on?
A mobile app to help you remember people's names. And Coffitivity.com

What's one thing the market's missing?
So many things, are you kidding? The market has like NOTHING. Everything is wide open. Live in the future and build what’s missing, which is everything.

Tommy Recommends:

  • Starting a business. It will help you understand so much, especially about the economy.
  • Buying Apple products. Unless you REALLY know hardware, then you'd be better off building your own PC.
  • Reading Paul Graham's blog and Running Lean.
  • Talking to him. He wants to talk to you (he promises), preferably over beer.

Connect with Tommy on Twitter @istommydrunk and via email.